Friday, April 29, 2011

So far on this adventure...

12 weeks...I cant believe how quickly the first trimester has gone by. They really do grow up so fast! So far my pregnancy experience has been relatively pleasant. I've only actually gotten sick a handful of times. Mainly my symptoms have been nausea and exhaustion. Being tired takes on a whole new meaning when your pregnant. Overall though I really feel completely blessed and thankful. A lot of my friends were sick every morning during their first trimester. That's just not something I have had to deal with. The whole pregnancy process has been very...surreal. Maybe surreal with a hint of denial. Even though we've been praying for this little life for awhile, I don't know that it has completely hit me that I am having a baby. I've totally got my head around being pregnant. I feel pregnant, I act pregnant, I'm starting to slightly look pregnant....I just don't think it's totally sunk in that pregnancy=baby. It will hit me at odd moments, like when I put my babys R us rewards card on my key chain. Oh my gosh, I have a baby's R us rewards card on my key chain! I had a moment when I saw a little baby at church the other day and when I was looking at a friends pictures of her newborn. I cant believe I am going to have one of those of my own. Half of Josh and half of me. Then of course there was the incredible moment when we saw the ultrasound at 8 weeks. That was such an amazing, tearful, indescribable moment. That little heartbeat was possible the cutest thing I've ever seen. Even though I know it hasn't totally hit me yet, it's the little windows of clarity that make every bit of exhaustion and every nauseous moment absolutely completely worth it....because one day, very soon, there will undeniably be a pink little baby put into my arms. Even in my moments of surreal denial I cannot wait for that day.

Here's a list of what I've learned so far:

1) Apparently the most scientific and efficient way to measure an unborn baby is to compare it to fruit...which I think is histarical. Example: this week (12) our baby is a lime. :)
2) When one is pregnant your purse changes from a device to carry makeup, cell phone, and wallet to a....lunchbox!
3) A week after we found out I was pregnant apparently I was enlisted into some kind of Mommy to be Boot Camp...this is an intense program preparing my body to be a other words, I wake up every three hours at night.
4) Pregnancy does crazy things to your give you nose bleeds. Really? Nose bleeds?
5) Pregnancy does crazy things to your emotions...I spent a day crying because my puppy, Louie, turned two. They grow up so fast!
6) Pregnancy is contagious....i found out a friend, my moms step sister, and my favorite cousin are all pregnant and due within weeks of me. My mom says we must have all been "twitterpated" (Disney's Bambi reference.)
7) I have the most amazing husband in the world (it didn't really take pregnancy for me to learn that, its just been a great reminder.) He is very supportive of all my food cravings :) and he is going to be an incredible Dad.
8) The baby, affectionately know as "peanut" apparently hates grapes and blackberry cobbler w/ ice-cream.
9) A little tadpole/kumquat/lime/peanut can completely change your life. Having children will never hinder your life, they just enhance the adventure.

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