Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Preparing the Bride

Over our Christmas vacation I had the amazing privilege and and joy of being in my best friend, Lindsay Thomas' (now Lindsay Underhill) wedding. The wedding was beautiful, the bride was excuisite, and the groom was glowing. I was so honored to be apart of celebrating their union as man and wife. For those who have been a bridesmaid, or groomsmen you'll understand the pressure I felt to make sure that everything was perfect for this girl I loved so much. Lindsay's story is an amazing one, and those of you who know her know how much she deserves happiness. More than anything else, I wanted her and Matt's day to be a dream come true.

Friday and Saturday were insanely busy with wedding preparation. For the 48 hours before the wedding, I thought of little else that let's get this girl married! Her amazing sister, wonderful cousin, and myself stayed up until 5 am Saturday morning working on last minute wedding details and after a restful nights sleep, woke up at 6:20 am. The morning consisted of a blur of red dresses, many trips back and forth from the cars, hazardously hot curling irons, boppy pins, and enough hair spray to create a small hole in the ozone layer above the Thomas' house. It was beautiful chaos. We were bustling around, bumping into each other, feeling crazy but all for one purpose...The wedding! Everything detail was executed beautifully. Lindsay walked down the aisle as a bride and walked away as a married woman on the arm of her wonderful husband. And as I'm sitting here reflecting on the events of the weekend, the beautiful bride and the wedding day, God is showing me the similarity to the mandate of ministering to His bride, the church.

I only enjoyed one hour of sleep working hard on last minute details not because Lindsay was demanding it or because I felt obligated. We did it because we love Lindsay, absolutely adore her. We did it because she needed to get married the next day to her groom. I would have done anything for her wedding day. Jesus asked me, "would you do anything for my bride? Would you loose anything for her? Would you loose sleep so that my bride can have her wedding day with her bridegroom?"

I pray God gives the same love and diligence for his bride as I felt for my best friend. I want to live to see the world know Jesus. He's coming quickly for His bride in white. Will she be ready? Will you help make her ready?